My work utilizes the language of print, typography, architectural and organic forms to explore the monumental shifts that have emerged from the breakdown of social cohesion - the infrastructure that supports social structure and communication that links us as social beings. The core of my work revolves around juxtaposing these diverse shifts and their uncertain references.

Beginning with the structure of hand-cut text stencils, I layer multiple forms, textures, patterns, paper lithography, collagraph and monotype plates. Each layer involves a set of decisions and is subject to a series of actions: forms are printed or painted, removed, covered, uncovered, overlapped, deleted, repeated, built-up and broken-down. The play of positive and negative spaces generates a tension between cohesion and disorder. Within this loosely structured environment, the images agitate with a sense of sound and movement. This evidence of continual process, of order and chaos, reflects my striving to hear my voice within the ever-changing visual languages of our time.